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8 reasons to switch to water activated tapes

Using regular tape to seal boxes can be time consuming, frustrating and look unprofessional too, which is a real problem if you’re delivering directly to customers. What’s more, items can easily be removed from your packages and the tape stuck back down, making it difficult to tell they’ve been tampered with.

Your perfect partner in packaging

At Clingfoil we like to build more constructive partnerships, working closely with our customers to meet their individual packaging requirements, save them money, improve efficiency and reduce waste.

Come on, come on, let’s stick together - a short guide to carton sealing tape

With just nine weeks to go until Christmas, retailers across the UK are gearing up for their busiest time of year. While it can be difficult to predict exactly which products will sell well, there is one item we know they can’t succeed without…and that’s the humble carton sealing tape.

Good news for our customers: New machine increases capacity by 25%

When we’re talking to businesses about integrated packaging solutions, we always emphasise the need to invest in equipment that both supports their current activities and is capable of facilitating future growth.

Why getting end-of-line packaging right is vital to a product’s success

Heat shrinking machine

Optimising the packaging process is crucial because it can have a significant impact on a product’s profitability and influence. Whether it’s a bottle of wine, medical device, toy or computer hardware, you need to ensure your new product arrives at its destination in perfect condition. But more than that, you want the packaging process to be as quick, easy and efficient as possible.

Poynton Horticultural Show on August Bank Holiday Saturday

Clingfoil are proudly sponsoring the Poynton Horticultural Flower & Vegetable Show held on Saturday 26th August

Transit Driver Wanted!

We are looking to recruit a Multi-Drop Transit Driver.

Why airbags and cushioning can protect your products and profits

air bags

Your ability to protect goods in transit and get your products to customers with minimal breakages can have a big impact on your bottom line. It’s not just the cost of writing off the product and loss of sales to think about – there’s also the time and expense involved in administering returns as well as the long-term impact of customer dissatisfaction on your business’ reputation.

How to reduce pallet wrapping costs and minimise product packaging waste

Stretch film

If you transport goods to your customers on pallets, it’s likely you rely on stretch wrap to keep them secure, protect them from dust and moisture and get them to your customers in exactly the same condition as they left your premises. It’s also likely you could significantly reduce your pallet wrapping costs and minimise product wastage – just by using a higher quality film.

Clingfoil celebrates 35 years in the business

We're celebrating 35 years in the business this year with a fresh new logo to be rolled out across our website and marketing materials.