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43mm Hot Melt Glue Slugs

43mm hot melt glue slugs. 43mm x 43mm. Approx. 160 slugs per carton.

SKUSetting TimePack QtyApplicationsColour1 - 12 - 45 +
25/43/10Long set170Smooth & shiny surfaces & many plasticsLight brown£212.70£206.70£203.10
88/43/10Long set170Ceramics, plastics & woodLight brown£178.50£172.50£168.90
92/43/10Sprayable170Sprayable for fabric, upholstery foams, bubble fim etc. Light brown£198.30£192.30£188.70
95/43/10Medium set170Ceramics, rigid PVC & polystyreneLight brown£91.20£85.20£81.60
96/43/10Fast set170Cartons, paper, board etc.Light brown£91.20£85.20£81.60
97/43/10Medium set170Glass, fabrics, wood, card and some plasticsClear£91.20£85.20£81.60
98/43/10Medium set170Many plastics and light guage metalsClear£132.60£126.60£123.00